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Why KVH?

At Kennebunk Veterinary Hospital, we know what makes your pets special, and how important it is to have a veterinary team you can trust.  We have a high rate of long term clients.  Why do people keep coming back? Because we are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Trustworthy
  • Compassionate
  • Efficient
  • Effective

    Plakat Plakat Tür- Deko Bausteine Ref 586 (4 Größe)Plakat Plakat Tür Deko Schein Auge Leopard Ref 527 - 4 Größe
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Your pet's medical records online and an extensive pet health library

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We hope you'll choose KVH and we look forward to working with you.  Call us today!

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Making Visits Easier for Your Cat!

Studies show that cats do not get the same quality health care we give our dogs. Why? Because we, as the cat's staff, know our boss doesn't like going to the vet. We are committed to making your cat's trip to KVH as pleasant as possible.

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Item specifics

Condition: New Marke: Bilderwelten
Herstellungsland und -region: Deutschland Finish: Fototapete
Materialdetails: selbstklebende Spezialfolie Herstellernummer: nicht zutreffend
Lieferumfang: apete, Montageanleitung Design: Motiv
Produktdetails: Fototapete Produktart: Fototapete
Produktdetails2: Wandtapete Eigenschaften: Selbstklebend
weitere Zimmer: Kinderzimmer, Arbeitszimmer, Schlafzimmer, Küche Verpackungsart: Rolle
weitere Zimmer2: Spielzimmer, Wintergarten, Flur/Diele Zimmer: Wohnzimmer
Selbstklebende Tapete Fototapete August Wandtapete klebend Dekotapete Wand Deko

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